According to authorities, a hit-and-run vehicle struck a taco business in Pomona, leaving 1 dead and 12 injured

Photo by Matt C

California’s POMONA (KABC) Police say a driver struck a taco stand with her car in Pomona on Friday evening and fled the scene, leaving one man dead and 12 others hurt.

According to Pomona police, the collision was first reported at roughly 7:45 p.m. near W. Holt Avenue and Dudley Street.

Initially, it was thought that the accident injured 11 persons in total, but that number was later raised to 13.

The crash claimed one life, according to police. Ten other casualties were taken to hospitals, and two more received medical attention there.

Following the collision, the taco stand was completely wrecked; tables were overturned, and a car that might have belonged to the culprit was hidden beneath a tent.

According to police, the driver abandoned her vehicle and fled the scene, but she eventually brought herself in.

The taco stand is well-liked among the neighbors, who are saddened by what transpired.

While investigators looked into the collision, the area was shut down.
It will be investigated to see if drink or speed played a role.

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