Android handheld Razer Edge unveiled: Xbox cloud gaming, specifications, cost, and more

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Razer may have already rendered Logitech’s recent efforts useless, following the pricey Logitech G Cloud. The Razer Edge 5G, a joint venture between Verizon and Razer, was first hinted at during Mobile World Congress in September. It was created from the ground up for native Android gaming with the option to stream games via Xbox Cloud, NVIDIA GeForce Now, or Steam Link.

Everything you need to know about this fascinating handheld is provided here.

When Snapdragon unveiled its new gaming chipset, Razer effectively hinted at this project. This is the first specialized Android handheld to feature Qualcomm’s gaming-focused Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 Gaming Platform, an offshoot of the company’s mobile CPU. However, there are options between a Wi-Fi version and a more expensive, Verizon-exclusive 5G version in that you can put a SIM card in for genuine wireless mobility. Verizon is also supporting the handheld with its 5G “Ultra Wideband” technology.

With services like Xbox Game Pass for situations when cloud gaming is appropriate, the Razer Edge 5G may end up being the best Android handheld gaming device, whether you’re playing titles like League of Legends Wild Rift, Genshin Impact, or Call of Duty Mobile.

The disclosure comes in the wake of Logitech’s G Cloud announcement, which is exclusively intended for cloud gaming. Even if the G Cloud ought to be able to run some Android games locally, the chipset probably isn’t strong enough to compete with what Razer is able to offer with the Snapdragon G3X. In the end, price determines which comparison is accurate. Even though it costs about the same as gaming consoles like the Xbox Series S, Steam Deck, or Nintendo Switch, all of which can run games natively, the Logitech G Cloud already stirred up debate with its gadget, which is solely focused on specialized cloud gaming scenarios.

With prices beginning at $399.99, the Razer Edge aims to be an Android gaming choice first. Given the rise in the quality of mobile games, it might be

With beginning prices of $399.99, the Razer Edge claims to be an Android gaming option that comes first. It might be the ideal gadget at the ideal time in a world where mobile games are becoming more and more high-quality. At RazerCon on October 15, Razer officially unveiled the product, and we now have a complete review of all of its features and capabilities.

With specs to run all the newest games and access the expanding selection of cloud gaming experiences, Razer has positioned its newest handheld as a fully-fledged mobile gaming companion. All of this is built around the Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 Gaming Platform, which was specifically created with mobile gaming in mind and uniquely positions the device as an Android gaming handheld of the highest caliber.

The Razer Edge features a two-piece design with a detachable tablet and Joy-Con-like controllers inspired by the Nintendo Switch. Each Razer Edge comes with a Razer Kishi V2 Pro, an updated mobile gamepad intended to serve as the device’s native controller. Kishi V2 Pro adds Razer HyperSense haptics and a 3.5mm headphone connector to the original Kishi.

While companies like Logitech have unveiled Android gaming handhelds designed for the cloud, the Razer Edge is more comparable to the Steam Deck because it has the hardware necessary to run any game locally. However, the flexibility of game streaming or mobile multiplayer experiences is made possible by the additional 5G capacity. Here is a detailed list of the technical requirements as supplied by Razer.

In addition to a 5G and separate Wi-Fi variant, Razer has announced that it would introduce the Razer Edge in January 2023. The Razer Edge will only be available in the United States, and its 5G edition will be tied only to the carrier thanks to a collaboration with Verizon. Razer Edge Wi-Fi prices start at $399.99, while Razer Edge 5G costs have not yet been determined.

While Verizon will sell Razer Edge 5G versions, the Wi-Fi model will only be sold on the Razer website and in a few select Razer locations. The business has also started reservations, giving potential customers the ability to reserve a shipment with a refundable $5 deposit, with further details on orders to come.

We anticipate finding out more about a concrete release date and what to anticipate from the debut at CES 2023, which is set for next January. Razer has announced it expects to display more of the Edge then.

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