Xi applauds China’s ascent to global prominence and calls for harmony at Congress

Photo by European Parliament

On Sunday, President Xi Jinping launched the Communist Party Congress, which is expected to approve his campaign for an unprecedented third term in office. He praised China’s rise as a global force and called for unity around his leadership.

In his opening speech to 2,300 delegates at the Great Hall of the People, Xi supported and promoted several important initiatives, such as zero-Covid and his anti-corruption campaign that has dislodged rivals within the party. After entering the stage to a resounding welcome from the hand-picked participants who would vote during the week-long Congress on the party leadership for the following five years, Xi declared that “unity is strength, and victory requires unity.”

China’s foreign influence, appeal, and ability to impact the globe have all greatly increased, according to the president whose 10-year leadership has seen the country become a global giant.

Following the suppression of democratic movements in Hong Kong and the self-governing island of Taiwan, two of China’s most delicate security and sovereignty concerns were also discussed by Xi during his 100-minute “work report” on the previous five years. These topics involved Hong Kong and Taiwan. He praised the change in Hong Kong from “chaos to governance.”

Xi praised the party’s ongoing efforts to remove Covid, which are severely limiting people’s quality of life.

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